Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy busy holiday

Long time, no (real) blogging! That last one was just copied from an email I sent out late Friday/early Saturday (for those not on the mailing list). Besides that, it has been over a week. Lots happening!

We drove down and visited my parents for the Memorial Day weekend. Also dropped by to see my grandfather and MIL. We took Luke to the beach for the very first time, and he had a total blast! (Yes, photos to come, whenever I get a chance. Who knows when that will be.) We played in the yard with the golf set and the baseball set and the bubbles (and got eaten up by mosquitoes; Luke seems to have inherited his Nana's skin chemistry that is apparently akin to some powerful mosquito narcotic, while I more or less have my father's virtual immunity to bites). We saw Pirates, we sat around and vegged. Luke didn't sleep well the last few nights, and he was up at the crack of dawn before 7 AM every morning (yawn).

And Luke spiked a fever of almost 103 and woke up screaming at 3 AM the morning of the day we left (Tuesday), and (bad mommy who thought of it and then intentionally left it because it had never been needed before) we had no children's fever medicine on hand, so my dad went out to Walgreens in the middle of the night. Given the two weeks of nightly coughing and a week of runny nose, I knew what that meant: ear infection. Which was confirmed at his doctor's appointment this morning. Both ears, incidentally. I know she was about to suggest an ENT referral when I mentioned that we already have a follow-up ENT appointment for July 3 (just how I want to spend the day before my anniversary). This is his second ear infection in 8 weeks, and his fourth in 7 months, plus a history of non-infected (but still present) fluid during in-between visits. Given that his two most recent infections have been since his last ENT appointment in March, I can virtually assure you she will recommend tubes in July. Joy.

And here I was all excited. I finally thought I would have a monthly round-up with no health concerns to report. I guess this is my punishment! (I was going to ignore the fact that I managed to roll my ankle in the sand at the beach and strain the ligaments in the arch of my right foot. The pain goes from the top of the arch on the inside of my foot and wraps all the way around the bottom. Didn't even know you *could* do that, but ouch!)

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  1. {{hugs}} Sorry Luke is sick again!! I hope he feels better soon.


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