Thursday, May 10, 2007

Officially Bandaid-less

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a month almost to the day after having to have stitches put in his finger, Luke is officially bandaid-less. Despite being told by the doctor that it was fine to go without a bandaid after two weeks, Luke refused. I figured he would until the scab fell off. That happened tonight when I was looking at it. I gently ran my finger over the tip of his finger, using virtually no pressure, and the scab just sloughed right off, revealing perfectly healthy and intact pink skin. I showed him his finger and said, "look, all better!" He seemed rather perplexed as to what happened to his wound, LOL. He was rather distressed when we insisted he go to bed without a bandaid, holding out his finger like it hurt. Maybe going a day without it at daycare tomorrow can convince him. It looks a lot better than I ever would have imagined a month ago. Yay!!

Currently feeling: relieved


  1. Yay!! All better!

    Attached to his band-aid, huh? Is that totally a boy thing or what? LOL! You totally have to scrap this.

  2. Give my bandaidless big boy a hug!! Love, Nana


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