Sunday, May 13, 2007

For those who use Bloglines

... or other similar feed gathering mechanisms, I wanted to let you know that I finally updated the slideshow on the right side of my blog with new pictures of Luke, if you're interested in seeing them. I think the most recent photos in the previous incarnation were from November! I don't even know if people look at those things. Well, I know Dana did, because she said so. (It was also her comment that made me realize it was so out of date, oops!) I thought I would mention it, just in case. Please don't feel like you have to come see, though.

And I finally updated my reading and listening sections on the left as well (not really watching much right now, besides television). Nothing overly exciting, though. Re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in preparation for both the film and Book 7. Obviously, a re-read of Book 6 will follow. And I am greatly enjoying the Music & Lyrics soundtrack. It still makes me smile! That's saying something.

I've been asked in the past where I got my progress bars from, so I thought I'd give a thank you shout-out to the fabulous Melanie. She provides hers free of charge in various colors. Just click on her "progress bars" link in the top right sidebar under "Things to See." (Yes, I am intentionally not giving you the direct link. You should read her blog! She's wonderful.) Now, I did alter them a bit, making up the "in between" values. Hers count in increments of 5%; the engineer in me called for more precise measurements. I also recolored them to be more in keeping with my present blog scheme, but they are completely derived from her idea and work, so she deserves the credit. And yes, she is credited in (gee, go figure) the credits section of this blog (left sidebar, bottom), but since I doubt anyone actually looks that far down, I wanted to give her a special thank you up here at the top where everyone can see. Thanks Melanie!

BTW, my Mother's Day was mostly calm and uneventful, besides the child who didn't want to get in the car for any reason and wailed half way to our destination both times we went out. But I received cards, I didn't have to cook (Arby's for lunch, Artuzzi's (Italian) for dinner), and my child actually now looks as though I care about his appearance (read: we finally got him a haircut that was 6-8 weeks overdue).

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  1. Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by at my blog. It was nice talking to you at the Night Owls Chat. Hope to see you again there :)

    Have a good night sleep!

  2. Whoa... 'wonderful' and 'fabulous' in the one post. I think my head just swelled a little! Thanks for the link though - I love seeing my little Progress bars scattered around the web :)

  3. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. :) Not having to cook is about all I ask for on Mother's day lately! :)


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