Monday, May 28, 2007

A Movie Muse (Not So) Short: Pirates 3

Yes, I saw Pirates 3 Friday night; I wasn't expecting to, it just worked out that way.

And I am not very happy with this movie (and for those who have seen it, it is most likely not for the reason(s) you think). I have very specific points of annoyance with the film, naturally none of which I can discuss without giving away major plot points, which is not at all what I am about.

Lots of people liked it or loved it. Some I know said it is the best of the three. I have to wonder if they were watching the same film. It had flashes of brilliance, wonderful wonderful wonderful references to both the ride and the first film, and I did laugh quite a bit (though not usually at the things that everyone else was laughing at). But overall, I am not happy with it. Just goes to show you how different people's perceptions of the same film can be.

I hope you enjoy it, I really do. I hope every one of you disagree with me (as with my review of the most recent Bond) and you love it! I would just rather prepare you for possible disappointment and you leave the theater saying "I have no idea what she meant, that movie rocked!" than keep quiet and have you say "why didn't you tell me it was so disappointing?"

I'll do my best to get a full review out soon, but I really have no idea what to actually say about it without it being full of spoilers. I'll try though. I think I need to let it sit for a few days.

Hope you are all having (or had) a great weekend!

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