Thursday, July 12, 2007

Luke with a cast, the short version

The short version: Even though they could not see a fracture on the xray, examination of the elbow said that at least one bone, and probably two, are cracked at his elbow. They are non-displaced, which is great, but they still put a cast on it (blue, if you're curious) so that he would not end up displacing it should he fall again. We go back in three weeks for removal.

Long version to come, just not right now.

BTW, DH is fine. We think it might have been something he ate. We all three had the same thing, except for one item that only DH had. He only ate one bite at the time and said it tasted bad, so he didn't eat anymore, but it may have been enough. Thank goodness. One patient at a time is more than plenty.
Currently feeling: trying to hang in there


  1. Glad Steve is better - but no reprieve if it happens again!! Looking forward to the pics of Luke's blue summer wear! Motherhood, ain't it grand! Love to all three, Nana

  2. So glad to hear it's not displaced!! Three weeks may seem an eternity, but it's not so bad. Tell DH he needs to grow back his protective coating of facial fur pronto!!! =)

  3. Here's hoping things come right as quickly as possible.

  4. Poor kiddo! I missed the earlier blog entry about the arm so just saw this one. Hope it mends quickly!


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