Monday, July 16, 2007

Media Blackout

I am officially setting myself to media blackout. I don't want to read, I don't want to see, I don't want to know. I haven't waited this long, with only five days to go, for some idiot to ruin the whole thing. And you know it will be released early. Has been for every previous time, and this time, they don't have the recourse of "we won't send you the next one" since there is no next one.

Yes, I am talking about Harry Potter. I really wanted to do a midnight release party, but I couldn't last time because I had an 8 month old at the time. Since my birthday is coming up, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate my birthday! Then I realized that someone there is going to flip to the back page as soon as they are handed their book, and inevidably, someone is going to shout "Harry dies!" or "Harry lives!" or some other huge spoiler, which would tick me off to no end. So I'm having it shipped to my house, guaranteed to arrive Saturday (in theory). Just not worth the risk. My brother is so worried about A) release party spoilers and B) not receiving his book at his apartment that he had *his* copy shipped to my house. I wonder what time Saturday morning he will be camped on my doorstep? LOL

Currently feeling: I'm not listening!!


  1. I totally understand this - I'd love to go on media blackout. It's another reason I'm not going to a release party because I don't want to inadvertently hear an "awww" or someone crying or someone else shouting 'yay!' or anything like that.

    Just let me read in peace...

  2. I didn't even think of that. Thanks for posting this. I'll make sure to stay off the computer until I finish the book! lol

  3. Yikes...I didn't think of that, either! But I always call the bookstore and find out what time they're handing out numbers, so we are usually at the front of the line...I may put in ear plugs, though!!!!


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