Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning Mommy!

First, a little background: Most school day mornings, DH is off to work a couple of hours before Luke gets up. That means I get up with him, I get him fed, I get him dressed, and I take him to school. On weekends, DH lets me sleep in, so he gets up with Luke, but because it is the weekend, they have fun! They watch Superdog, they eat breakfast, they watch movies, they run around, they play LEGO Star Wars.... how can I possibly compete with that on school mornings? We have 20-30 minutes to get it all done and get out the door, plus I limit television to something remotely worthwhile (Blue's Clues or Sesame Street). Consequently, most school mornings since he has been in his "big boy bed," he comes into our bedroom, realizes DH is not there, plops down in the floor, and starts crying because it is a "mommy day." What a wonderful way to start the morning, no?

Most weeks, he will have diminished to a sulk instead of a cry by Friday, so even though DH is actually still home (he works from home on Fridays), he doesn't get to hear how bad it can be, particularly on Mondays (after two days home with "fun daddy"). Last Friday, though, he got a pretty good demonstration when Luke began wailing as soon as he came in asking for Daddy and I replied, "no, it's a mommy day today." I think it finally sunk in for DH what I live with most mornings of the week.

So perhaps you can understand my confusion when this happened this morning, as described in a series of text messages between DH and me:

DH: How did L do this morning? [Note: This is a standard question from DH on most days when he checks on me around lunch to see how my day is going.]

ME: L did fine. No fussing. In fact, if I wasn't dreaming, I think he opened the door and said "Good Morning Mommy!" I was shocked. Still not sure I didn't imagine it.

DH: LOL! Last night he asked if I was getting up with him. I told him it would be a school day and you would get up with him. I told him to go into the room and say 'good morning mommy' and no fussing. After practicing, I told him I would ask you about it tonight. I'm so proud!

Well, so am I. That was so sweet of him! (Both hims, in fact.)

Currently feeling: well loved by my boys


  1. That's great Erin! I've found that prepping Katie for what to expect when I know she isn't going to like something, or it will be more difficult for her to behave, often does wonders. :) How nice of your DH to think of that.

  2. You know, he is my favorite SIL!


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