Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A strange compliment

While out eating dinner tonight, we had a woman pay us a very strange compliment. Luke was not on his best behavior, and after a couple of warnings (for doing two different things wrong), he was reprimanded and told that we would not be going to Target because he was not behaving like a big boy. This, of course, made him cry, which we also had to stop (and did so quite quickly) because he was being so loud. He calmed down, and we moved on with our meal. This woman was sitting alone behind us; I mention this only because I have no idea if she is married or has children. As she was leaving, she stopped by our table and said "I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to actually hear a parent discipline his child. That just doesn't seem to happen anymore these days, so thank you."

So, let me get this straight: you are thanking us for making our son cry and temporarily disrupting the meal of those sitting around us because we are such lousy parents that we can't get him to sit still, be quiet, and eat properly? Um, thanks? I know that's not what she was saying. She really was being complimentary for us actually taking charge and at least attempting to have him behave, unlike many parents we ourselves have seen. It just struck me oddly.

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  1. I would bet the lady is a parent, and probably knows the embarrassment of having one's own child act up in public. So take it as the compliment it was - far too many folks just let their kids run wild.

    You and DH aren't lousy parents. L is 3 - it would probably take either a strong sedative or ruling through fear for a 3yo to consistently sit still, be quiet, and eat properly. You're at least making the effort, which counts for quite a lot.


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