Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want a new drug

Or, more precisely, I need one. I went back to the doctor today. I have been coughing for the better part of six weeks now and I'm running a low-grade fever (again!). I think this second round of coughing was triggered by that viral thing my doctor said was running around, but it hit when I wasn't quite over the bronchitis, so that have the bacteria a chance to stick around longer than normal. She said she can hear it right under my sternum, but my lower lungs are clear (good!). So I am now on a "step 3" antibiotic. I don't think that is a technical term, it's just the way she explained it to me. I started out on a basic one, the next step up is something that I don't tolerate well, so we're moving up yet another step. One pill once a day for 5 days, so not too bad, and she said that this should *definitely* take care of it. Also got a Diflucan prescription "just in case," but it will only be filled if needed. This particular antibiotic shouldn't cause a problem, but it is my second one in a month, so there is some potential. Allergies are exacerbating my lung issues, so she also gave me a prescription for Allegra at my request (since I can afford the generic, as our insurance won't cover it, and neither Claritin nor Zyrtec work for me), and I have a refill on my blood pressure medication. Plus I'm due for a new pack of BC pills. I'll be a walking pharmacy when I leave Target tonight!

Currently feeling: ready to be well!


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!!


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