Monday, March 03, 2008

Do I clean up that well?

Or do I just usually look that bad? (You know what? Don't answer that.) I had to go "into work" today for a large meeting, so I got all gussied up in work clothes and make-up and everything. I even (I hope you are sitting down) took a purse! I know, that's more shocking than the make-up. Those who know me at all know that I do NOT carry a purse, usually just my wallet/keyring combo and my cell phone in my pocket. But today, I had no pockets (idiot me bought pocket-less dress pants!), wallet/keyring, two cell phones (work and personal), pens, memory stick, hair elastic.... just all kinds of little things I needed for the day that I normally would have tucked in my pockets. Or my computer bag, but sometimes security can be fussy about outsiders bringing in laptops (I'm a contractor), plus I didn't have a cable to connect to the network, so I didn't see the point in lugging it around (other than to have someplace, besides a purse, to put all my little junk). The only reason I even had a purse is because my mom gave me one she bought and didn't like at Thanksgiving. I didn't want to take it, but I figured there might come a day when I would need one. Looks like Mom is smarter than me once again.

Sorry, got off track there. Anyway, the point is, you should have heard all the comments I got when I arrived to pick up Luke from daycare! "Wow, where are you going?" "Is that really Luke's mom?" "I almost didn't recognize you!" His teacher, the one we've seen nearly every day for months now, didn't know who I was until I got right up to the fence at the playground. Even most of the kids (who can spot you a mile away, and know precisely whose mom you are) just sort-of stared at me. Thankfully, Luke knew me! It was just weird. Nice to hear how nice I looked (even DH commented; I got a new blouse, and I do think it looks nice), it just makes me wonder if I look that "bad" normally. It really does emphasize how much of a difference the way you look can affect the way people react and interact with you.

Currently feeling: I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright.... (sorry)


  1. Funny how comments that I'm sure was meant as a huge compliment make you wonder. I'm sure you looked fab, and that you do all of the time. So there!

  2. I never used to carry a purse at all until recently either. I just started in an effort to dress more for the job I want rather than the one I have... I've been getting a lot of those comments too as I try to dress more professionally and *gasp* wear makeup and carry a purse!

  3. My question is: (Because I *Know* you don't do purses) - where did you find this purse? I mean, I know I have a weird habit of buying purses (that then live in the closet foreva and eva), but I just assumed you didn't have one *at all*

    And I hate the "OMG, you look so different" comments. I get it when I wear make up too (what? maybe half a dozen times a year). Do I look that bad? Are you telling me I'm ugly? Seriously! WTF?

    Recently I dropped a little weight because of my depression. I couldn't eat a thing, so I basically starved my body for two months. Everyone now exclaims "OMG! You look great!" So I've learned that starving is better than eating right and exercising. It's along the same lines as the makeup thing to me. Idjits.

  4. ...and I pity, any girl who isn't me la la la la la la la la la!


  5. I still can't get past the purse part! I don't have a single memory in the past 27 years of you with a purse!


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