Monday, July 14, 2008

Blessings on the Garage Door Repair Guy

That would be Mike, who came out on a brutally hot and humid Saturday night to fix our garage door. I will gladly plug the Overhead Door Company without compensation, because they rock. And I also bless their marketing department for putting commercials on Atlanta's WSB 750 AM radio, otherwise I would have had absolutely no clue who to call. I still didn't remember the number, but I knew the name of the company, so I could Google it and get the number.

We had no idea there was a problem. We left the house to go pick up dinner from Zaxby's. We came back, pressed the button, and the door would only go up about 3 inches. Hmmm.... I mean, it is in our favor that we at least have *one* car out of the garage (thankfully the one with the car seat), but that won't help DH much on Monday morning when he needs to get to work. We go inside (through the front door, which never happens!), DH looks at the door from the inside, and sees nothing wrong. I stick my head out the door and say, "is there supposed to be a gap in the spring on the left side?" Um, no. DH starts ranting about how on earth do we know who to call about this, blah blah. I recall the radio commercial and look it up. "Bet they won't come until Monday, or it will cost an arm and a leg" he says. Well, according to the website, they do 24 hour call outs for no additional fee. Awesome! It was just a broken spring, but let me tell you, that door is freakin' heavy without its assistance! Sheesh.

Anyway, I call the number, and they dispatch a guy who is supposed to be there in two hours, after he finishes up the job he is currently working. Sure enough, at the 1 hour and 50 minute mark, he drives up. He takes a look, says yep it's just the spring. He asks how long we've had those springs, and we tell him that we assume they are the original ones, since we've lived here 7 years and the house is 10 years old. He's quite impressed that they lasted that long, since they are near the bottom of the quality scale (usual lifespan on those is apparently 3-5 years). He quotes us the price on replacing one and both springs. We decide to go on and do both, since it is clearly just a matter of (not much) time until the other one goes. We get a couple of fans running out there to try and help keep him cool (it was still in the mid-80s and extremely humid, even at 9:30 PM), and 40 minutes later after much banging (some of the bolts needed some, um, encouragement to come loose), we have two shiny new galvanized springs (guaranteed for life) and a functional garage door. Woo-hoo for 24 hour service and people who know how to fix things for these two woefully non-handy engineers! LOL

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  1. I'm glad they fixed it so quickly and so well.

  2. Just as an FYI, the auto glass guys that come to your house and fix busted out by vandals truck windows are just as prompt and easy to deal with...hope you never have to find that out for yourself and can just take my word for it. LOL


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