Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My DH can take a hint

Being married for 10 years does have its perks. And my DH can take a hint. Especially when it is phrased as "hey honey, you know how you were saying you wanted something more 'special' than satellite radio to give me for our 10th anniversary? well I like *this* right here," said while pointing at a picture on a website. See ladies, you just have to know the right kind of hints to give! LOL

It's a sparklie! It is just barely larger than a US nickle (5 cent coin), and it is even prettier in person. I love it! The chain is thinner than I would like (teeny tiny box chain), so I'll be on the look out for a new one, but it's fine for the moment. I've been looking for just the right thing for a while now, knowing that a milestone anniversary was coming up and DH would be requesting suggestions. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for; I'm more of an "I'll know it when I see it" type person. The other candidates I thought would be good turned out not so hot in person. I didn't find this until last week, so technically it is serving as my birthday present (I'll be 32 on Thursday), but I still think of it as more of my anniversary gift. Thank you, honey, for taking "hints" so well. ::giggle::

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