Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Potent Potables and Hibachi Flames

Ah, everyone's favorite Jeopardy category. I had no idea what it meant until I was well into my 20s. And even then, most people would not consider that water fell into that category, unless you suddenly have to do without, at which point you realize just how potently important it is. Makes me realize how spoiled we truly are, when my biggest complaints were that I couldn't take a hot shower and I had to go buy some bottled water. It made me a little more appreciative of how truly blessed I am. A good birthday present indeed. And we did get the all clear to use our water the afternoon of my birthday, which also meant that we could go eat out near the house.

We chose our favorite Japanese place (Fuji Ya, up by Northlake Mall, for any of you locals). We actually just ate there for our anniversary three weeks ago, but we were alone. We had Luke with us this time, and it sounded really good at the time, so we decided to take him with us. It is technically not his first time there. In fact, he's been at least two other times that I recall. Once, he was still in the baby carrier, and he slept through the whole thing. That was probably Valentines Day 2005, if I had to guess. We took him again for what I think was my birthday in 2006? Not my actual birthday (that was a disaster, as I recall), but some weekend that my parents and brother were all here visiting. I remember this distinctly, because we all had to take turns.

You see, at Fuji Ya (and many other Hibachi places, I imagine), they start the "show" by lighting the table/grill on fire. Now, we know this. We knew it was coming. We told Luke it was coming. I even stood up and held him in the doorway, instead of having us still sitting at the table. The flame gets huge and very hot, and I was trying to keep him from being scared. Yeah, didn't work. He screamed, beyond terrified, and I had to take him out to calm him. I felt so bad. Then after that, he flatly *refused* to go back in the room where our table was. All I had to do was get near the door, and he started screaming. So we rotated, someone sitting out in the sushi bar area with Luke for a while, so the others could eat.

Since then, we just hadn't taken him back, but we decided that he is 2 years older now and has a better understanding of fire and safety (and realizes that if Mommy and Daddy aren't scared, then it is probably okay). We backed his chair up as far from the table as possible, we told him it was coming, he looked a bit concerned at the huge "whoosh" of hot air, but he grinned hugely, and all was well. And he thought the volcano (fire trick with the stacked onion rings) was really cool. Not that he ate any of the food. We did get him to try one bite each of plain rice, fried rice, shrimp, and teriyaki chicken. He didn't like any of it. Thank goodness we are smart parents and brought chicken nuggets with us, just in case.

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