Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Joke(r) is on me

The Dark Knight starts playing in 5 hours. And I won't be there. Don't even think I'll make it to the theater before *next* weekend. If the movie was a little bit shorter, I might could squeeze it in after work but before daycare closes. But at 2.5 hours, NOT including previews, that just isn't do-able. So I have to wait. And ignore the media as much as possible. It's not gonna be fun.

Currently feeling: ready to see it


  1. I am, um, dumping my child at VBS and going. Yes, it means I will miss their performance at the end. And yes it's her birthday. But IT IS BATMAN!!!!!!

    VBS starts at 9:30, Dan is going early to save seats for the 9:30 show (I can drop off closer to 9:20 and it's only 3 minutes to theater). We can totally make it back to get her at 12:30. Right? (If someone leaves early, it will NOT be me!)

  2. LOL - DS has tickets for 12:01 a.m. tonight. Our tickets aren't until Saturday. DH knows DS is going to blab. Suz


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