Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Two things, real quick.

Yes, we did fine with the parade on Tuesday. We decided to take public transportation instead of driving, but that meant I had to leave early enough to arrive at our destination before my calls. This had an unexpected perk, though. It meant we were downtown in time to eat lunch, so we tried something new: Ted's Montana Grill (owned by Ted Turner, for those who don't know). I'll talk more about the exhibit later.

And as far as the incident at the salon goes, I do try to be charitable. I hope the kid was just having a bad day, and I did not consider it a reflection on the mom. Luke is far from perfect. Believe me, he has plenty of bad days when we are truly mortified by his behavior. Kids are kids; it happens. It could easily have been a combination of hungry, tired, lack of attention, any sorts of things. Based on the other boy's interactions with his younger brother, I think some of it could be chalked up to jealousy/no longer only child/desperate for attention type issues as well. She was doing all the right things as a mom!

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