Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Witnessing History

I was strangely moved this morning as I drove past an elementary school. A long line of people - every size, shape, gender, and color you can think of - was standing outside in the cold, waiting to vote. It quite literally moved me to tears, knowing that I was witnessing history. All too often, when tears are shed in the presence of history, they are tears of sorrow and tragedy. Pearl Harbor, JFK, MLK, Challenger, 9/11. But not today.

Today, the United States of America will make history. We will either elect the first female to the office of Vice President, or we will elect the first African-American to the office of President. To have either of those things be possible in an election once seemed a far off dream. Reachable, for sure, but still far off. To have them in the same election is incredible. I had absolute faith that these things would happen in my lifetime, but to be honest, I am a little surprised, and quite pleased, that it has happened so early in my life. I really thought I would be much older, perhaps able to tell my grandchildren that I knew this day would come. Instead, I will get to tell them, "I remember that day. The day we made history."

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  1. I was saying something like that to Henry just this morning as we headed out to vote. As I was putting him into his car seat, I was telling him that he can tell his kids that he was there.

  2. I was in tears this evening, trying to explain to Hayley why this was so very significant. Bless her heart - she doesn't see color when she looks at Obama, and I thank God for that.

    We've truly come a long way.


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