Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Musings Short: Bolt

I did get out to see Bolt this weekend. We liked it! Can't say we loved it (and we've seen it twice now), but we definitely liked it. Luke seemed to like it pretty well, too, though I'm not sure he really "got it" in terms of the story. He was certainly riveted during the opening sequence, which was a little intense, but not too bad. Definitely worth seeing. I will say that we did *not* see it in 3D (either time), so I can't speak to that aspect of it. I bet it would be fun, though. Just wanted to go on and give it a positive plug, in case any of you were wondering about seeing it over the holiday.

Currently feeling: a super bark coming on!


  1. Good to know Erin. :) I'm sure we'll take Katie at some point.

  2. Tag, you're it!! Check out my blog.

  3. We saw it in 3-D this afternoon and really enjoyed it! Our five year old niece had a hard time with the opening sequence and the fire at the end, though, so be forewarned if you have little ones.


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