Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Kindergarten Homework

"Yay, homework!" That was Luke's first reaction when we found it in his backpack. I think his first homework assignment is a great one!
What's In Your Bag?

Directions: Attached to this paper is a lunch bag. Please fill this bag with about 5-7 items that say something important about you and bring it back to school on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Here are some suggestions:
* something in your favorite color
* the wrapper from your favorite snack
* the best book you've read
* something you collect
* something that tells about your favorite sport

Use your imagination to come up with 5-7 different items small enough to fit in the bag.
I thought it was a brilliant idea! Of course, just to prove that he is *my* son, Luke was a little concerned about some of the items we were suggesting, like a small Star Wars figure or Transformer. "But Mrs. B said we can't bring toys to school!" I can't exactly be upset with him for wanting to follow the rules. I was confident that toys were allowed for this assignment, as long as they fit in (and stayed in!) the bag, but Luke was adamant he could not bring any toys for the assignment. How do you Star Wars or Transformers when you can't bring a toy or a book, short of printing a photograph?

I finally emailed her my question, and she did respond (as I expected) that toys were okay to bring for this assignment. Here is what we ended up with:

* A pen from Disney World
* A spring training Braves baseball
* A magnetic stick and ball
* A LEGO Star Wars clone trooper
* A small Transformer

The idea was for him to talk about:
* how much he enjoys visiting Disney World
* his favorite sport is baseball and favorite team is the Braves
* he loves magnets and the color blue
* Star Wars LEGOs are his most favorite thing ever!
* how much he likes robots, particularly those that turn into cars

But when we were practicing last night, it didn't quite work out that way. "This is my Mickey Mouse pen, and this is my baseball from Disney, and this is my magnet ball and stick, and this is a clone trooper, and this is a Transformer." ::sigh:: I'm sure it will be fine, as long as he can put all of the toys *back* in the bag and leave them there, both at school and at daycare after.

Update: He did not get to do his bag today. Apparently, they ran out of time, so he left it at school to do tomorrow. When he does get to bring it home again, I will see if I can get video of him telling me about the objects.

Currently feeling: wondering how long "yay, homework!" will last


  1. What a really cool assignment. That's a clever teacher. I look forward to hearing how it went when he has his turn.

    Yay, homework! starts to end right about when it stops being a fun game and starts to become work. :)

  2. I remember doing this with both of my kids. I think it's a fantastic exercise. Brings back happy memories. *tear*


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