Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week of Kindergarten Recap

Thanks for asking, Fiona! We all survived the first week of Kindergarten. Luke is dead tired. In fact, he he has been in bed before 7:30 every night without complaint, and we haven't heard a peep after we closed the door. He wanted to be carried to bed Tuesday and Wednesday, and by dinner time on Friday, he told us "my eyes are so tired." I just hope he will actually sleep in Saturday and Sunday. Normally, he gets up early on "Daddy Days" (around 6:30) because those are fun days, but I really hope the tiredness will kick in and keep him in bed longer. I know *I* plan to sleep in!

I have no complaints about his first week, other than trying to get any sort of accurate information out of a 5-year-old, particularly our 5-year-old. Luke, what did you do today? "Played." I've tried asking the question different ways each day, but I keep getting the same answer. Extracting teeth would be easier. I finally had to go with a series of extremely specific questions: Did Mrs. B read a book today? Did Mrs. B talk about anything today? Did you draw or write anything? What did you eat for lunch? What did you play and who did you play with? Did you have fun today? (At least the answer to that question has always been yes, so far.)

Then there is the homework saga. That has been an interesting journey. Day 1: Luke, do you have any homework? "No, he left it at school." Luke, if your teacher gives you homework papers, you need to put them in your backpack so you don't forget to bring it home. "Ok." Day 2: Luke, do you have any homework? "I put it in my backpack, but the teacher took it out." Okay, that doesn't make any sense. "She said I had to do it at school." Oh, goodness. Literal much? Luke, your teacher will give you some papers to be done at school and given back to her right then. Other times, she will give you special papers especially to put in your backpack and do at home. ::sigh:: I figure we'll get it all worked out eventually. Day 4: There is a large packet of papers in a folder in his backpack. They call it a courier. It comes home every Thursday with informational papers from the teacher, info from the school, papers to sign, and behavior reports. We have to sign the behavior report and any other papers that need it each week and return it. One of the papers from the teacher explained that homework will be sent home on Mondays with one sheet to be returned each day Tuesday-Friday. Great! I just wish someone had shared that either at open house or on the first day so parents like me wouldn't fret about it.

One of the other papers was about local rec league soccer. The last day to sign up is Sunday. We're still debating, but we'll probably sign him up. I hate tying up every weekend for 2 months with plans, but I know it will be good for him.

And so it begins....

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  1. It sounds like it went pretty well, all in all.

    I think getting information out of any 5 year old is the same. Marcus would reply with exactly the same answer (played) if I just asked him about the day. I've learned to be more specific.

    I hope it all falls into a routine soon.


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