Saturday, August 07, 2010

Photo Grocery List

This is an idea I've had for quite a while, but I never remembered in time to make it and print it before it was time to actually leave for the grocery store. After a series of meltdowns while at the store, including multiple times begging to hold the list ("but you can't read!" was always my response), I finally got around to making one he could read.

I just used clip art from Word and various graphics found around the web. They don't have to be exact (for example, I use a hamburger to represent ground beef), and I don't necessarily put everything on his list that is on mine. But it works! There have been no meltdowns for two consecutive weeks now because he had his own list and his own pen (which kept his hands (mostly) occupied so he wasn't trying to touch everything), and he felt like he had a job to do, so he was more focused and less all over the place. Really should have done it sooner!
Currently feeling: momentarily brilliant!

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