Monday, August 16, 2010

Reader Questions - August 2010

Hey, cool, questions from my readers! LOL

Fiona wanted to know how Luke was doing at school now that the novelty has worn off. He did pretty well his first week, as I already mentioned on the blog. I think this coming week will be the real test, when he realizes that he really has to do this (more or less) every day through May.

Leah "hinted" that she wanted to see the glass shelves that I discussed in my post about my new antique carnival glass punch cup, so here you go! The top shelf holds my Disney Villain glasses, the gold card ball my grandmother made me (just like the one that hung in her kitchen above her sink for as long as I can remember), and now my little cup. The bottom shelf is my Winnie the Pooh glasses, some Winnie the Pooh jelly jars my mom had for years, and the rainbow ornament Charisse gave me. As I get more things to fill the shelves, I'll start taking the glasses off, but I think they're fine for now.

Kerry asked about how the school bus works here. His bus only picks up and drops off at the elementary school. Some buses do both, but since the elementary school starts earlier than the middle school, the younger kids get dropped off first. Plus, the bus driver knows who is in what grade, so she make sure everyone gets off at the right stop. I would be much more concerned about him getting off at the right place in the afternoon, but #1) he does not ride the bus home (his daycare picks him up at school), and #2) again, the bus driver would make sure he gets off at the correct stop (plus I would meet the bus at the stop every day). And by the way, Kerry, it is so nice to know I'm not the only one having difficulty getting useful info out of kids that age! LOL

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