Sunday, August 29, 2010

Space Junkie

We may have created a monster, but it's an incredibly cute one! We wandered into Party City the other night after dinner, and they are just starting to prepare for Halloween. At the back of the store, they had all of their head gear out, and Luke was having a blast trying on various hats and helmets. He did a cowboy hat, a Roman centurion helmet, a deerstalker, and a few others. And then there was this one.

He looked so adorable in it, and he really wanted it. I was considering coming back for it and holding it for his birthday or Christmas. Then he turned around and started slowly hopping from one foot to the other while moving forward. About the time I figured out what he was doing, he turned around with a huge grin on his face and said "Look, Mommy, I'm on the moon!" How could we not buy it? It ended up being a bit more expensive than we expected, but he already had his heart set on in. He even wore it in the car all the way home. DH was still grumbling about the price a little bit when we arrived at the house, until Luke was getting out of the car, at which point we heard, "this is Rogue 2, come in." (YouTube video link for reference, if needed.) Yep, worth every penny! (And hey, I just learned how to link to the middle of a YouTube video. Cool!)

On a similar note, he has become obsessed with his soccer shin guards, and he hasn't even played his first game yet. We tried them on for the first time the other evening, and the first thing he said was "I'm a clone trooper!" Hee-hee! Just buy him three more sets for his thighs, upper arms, and lower arms, and he'll be all set, right?

For anyone wondering, the reason he is a clone trooper and not a stormtrooper is because clone troopers are good guys and stormtroopers are bad guys. He is very clear on this point, uniform similarities notwithstanding. We keep wondering if he will realize the connection before he is old enough to see Episodes II and III. For now, if he's happy with that distinction, then so are we.

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  1. Baby Luke is so adorable!

  2. I'd have bought him the helmet, too! Adorable much.

    Make sure you have someone show him how to wear the shin guards properly for soccer. It matters. PC used to be mega soccer player in her pre-cheerleader days, so we have some experience. ;)


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