Thursday, September 23, 2010

An ER Epidemic

Is there some sort of vaccine against ER visits? If so, you may want to get one. At minimum, please be extra careful for a few days. Apparently just knowing me this week is enough to send you off to the emergency room; two people I know have had to go in the last 3 days. First was my friend Ginny, for whom we did emergency baby sitting late Tuesday. Her pain is some better but far from gone. She saw a doctor today, so hopefully she will be on the mend soon (thanks for asking, Angela!).

Then, my husband came home early today from playing basketball because he either jammed or broke his right ring finger! It is the same finger he dislocated not long before we got married, so it is hard to tell if the swollen joint is just the leftover bulge from the original injury, or if he seriously injured it again. I tried to get him to go to the ER when he came home, but he brushed me off. I was already late picking Luke up since DH came home just as I was preparing to leave. By the time I got him settled with ice and Advil, picked up Luke, grabbed fast food for dinner, and got home, he was showered and dressed. "I'll eat my dinner, then take myself to the ER." Translation: it's hurting a lot worse than I thought it would after an hour of ice and Advil, so maybe I should have listened to my wife in the first place and gone to the ER when I got home. "Do you think I could go to like a Minute Clinic or something?" Well, they can't do x-rays there, now can they? "I didn't think it would need x-rays." I don't know how else you expect them to tell if it is jammed or broken! So off to the ER he went.

Three hours later (not too bad, actually), and the results are a small fracture and a splint. He's supposed to follow up with a hand specialist tomorrow, if at all possible, not so much regarding the fracture but to make sure he didn't damage or trap any ligaments in the joint. Fun.

Currently feeling: hoping these things don't come in threes

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