Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yes, Luke scored his first goal at this past Saturday's soccer game! Technically we don't keep score (yeah, right), but I do know we lost again. Seems like it was 6-4 or something like that. In addition to scoring the goal, my parents were there to see it! I think everyone enjoyed it. Gotta love the big zoom lens on Papa's camera. None of the photos here were cropped!

DH and I had been wondering if we needed to encourage Luke to be a little more aggressive. Neither of us really wants to do that, but we know that the other kids look at it as a "soccer game," whereas Luke just views it as going out there and running around and playing with his friends. I don't want his teammates upset with him, and I do think he is trying, but he lacks any sort of aggression when other kids have the ball. I think he is too afraid of hurting someone, something we have worked hard to instill in him since he is so much bigger than most kids his age. But would it be better for him to be taught to get in there a little more? Decisions, decisions.

At Saturday's game, the opposing team had a kid that was a good inch or more taller than Luke and just generally had a bigger build. He was *very* aggressive, pushing and pulling and talking trash (seriously; PG rated, but still). They're 5 years old!! Who on earth taught him to behave like that?! The particular incident that sticks out in my mind was at the end of a quarter, one of our players had fallen on the ground (not hurt, just tripped up a bit), and this kid walked by, put his hand on our player's head, and shoved it back down. Nice. Ya know, given the choice between ending up with *that* kid or keeping my sweet Luke, I'll take Luke just as he is. We've decided to just let Luke play his way. I assure you that he is having more FUN than any other kid out there, and that's what it's all about.

Currently feeling: go Luke!

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