Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wiggle Waggle

"Look Mommy!" were the first words he said to me today when I picked him up from school. He ran over with his finger stuck in his mouth. His lower "just left of center" tooth is loose. Of course the first thing I asked is if he'd hit his mouth on anything, afraid Mr. Accident Prone might have accidentally pushed a tooth out that wasn't ready. But he insists that it happened when he was eating a pretzel. "I'm gonna tell everybody!" No doubt about that. So far, he has told every teacher and administrator at his daycare, every waitress and cashier, and even a few random strangers.

Not sure why I'm surprised by the loose tooth; he *is* almost 6 years old. He's been asking for months now when his baby teeth would fall out. Apparently several of his friends at school have started losing them. I guess I just expected him to lose a top tooth first, but I have no idea why I thought that. No clue how long it will be before it comes out. Not long the way he keeps playing with it! I just hope he doesn't freak out about the blood when it happens. Now I have to find something to put it in for the tooth fairy. I'm sensing an Amazon purchase in my future....

Currently feeling: loose!

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