Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day 2010 - The Tweets I Couldn't Tweet

I know it's silly, but I try not to tweet things that indicate we are out of town. Not that I think people are really stalking me in order to figure that out, but better safe that sorry I suppose. Then again, I think it becomes pretty obvious that when I'm barely tweeting, then I'm not home! Not necessarily, I guess, since I tend to tweet much less on the weekends. Who knows! Anyway, I thought tracking the tweets I really wanted to send might be interesting, so here they are (times are approximate):

* Dear ATL: Please refrain from having Dragon*Con, a NASCAR race, & GT college football opener all on the same weekend. Traffic is horrid! (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 3:45 PM)
* Love Loco's in Macon. Now if only we can teach L that the mascot is a moose, NOT a camel! ::sigh:: (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 5:15 PM)
* Less than 10 miles off the interstate, and just saw a chicken run across someone's front yard. Can we go back to civilization now? (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 6 PM)
* First a chicken, now a huge snake on the side of the road. Easily 6 feet long and as big as my forearm. I yelped out loud. (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 6:30 PM)
* DH says "at least it was d-e-a-d." (Spelling to avoid little ears.) I said "that doesn't make it any less B-I-G!!" (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 6:31 PM)
* No idea what kind of snake, other than large and patterned. Rattlesnake Roundup is held nearby. Likely not coincidence. (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 6:35 PM)
* Apparently, our hotel does not exist. GPS thinks there is no such address & Google Maps thinks the Hampton Inn is now a gas station. (Friday, Sept 3, 2010; 7:15 PM)
* Hotel is right where we thought it was, 15 miles from where Google Maps said. So much for modern technology! (Friday, Sept 3, 7:40 PM)
* One thing about staying in same hotel room as L: have to go to bed when he does, so should be easier to wake (early!) with him. (Friday, Sept 3, 9:40 PM)

* L is laughing in his sleep. He used to do that all the time when he was little, but has mostly grown out of it. (Saturday, Sept 4, 6:05 AM)
* Ah, fresh waffles for breakfast! We only get them at hotels. Thinking I really should get a waffle maker for home. (Saturday, Sept 4, 8:00 AM)
* Why can he not understand that stomping on our hotel room floor is the same as stomping on someone else's ceiling?! (Saturday, Sept 4, 8:55 AM)
* Big family reunion today. Will be fun to watch BIL see people he hasn't seen in 15 years! (Saturday, Sept 4, 10:30 AM)
* Great afternoon with DH's family. So good to see everyone! Now on to our next destination. Have photo shoot with grandfather at 10 AM. (Saturday, Sept 4, 8:00 PM)
* Picked L up out of car, took him up to hotel room, & put him in bed without him waking at all. He's never done that in his entire life! (Saturday, Sept 4, 9:45 PM)
* Parents loved the new car. Only person left to surprise with it is my brother, who we will see tomorrow. (Saturday, Sept 4, 9:50 PM)

* Completely different hotel chain, but same waffle iron and mix brand. Yay! (Sunday, Sept 5, 7:45 AM)
* Perfect weather for our photo shoot today. We all look so cute in our navy shirts. I think these will be great. (Sunday, Sept 5, 10:10 AM)
* Photos and lunch with grandfather complete. Now on to my parents' house for Dad's birthday party. (Sunday, Sept 5, 12:30 PM)
* Very rare to be able to surprise my father, but we just did it. Taking him to Yosemite in Summer 2011 in honor of his 60th birthday. (Sunday, Sept 5, 3:45 PM)
* Chocolate iced cake for the grown-ups, vanilla iced cupcakes for the child. Win-win! (Sunday, Sept 5, 3:47 PM)
* Beach was perfect after dinner. Daylight but not hot and sunny, light breeze, high tide, no bugs, no sunscreen! (Sunday, Sept 5, 7:15 PM)
* Love that Mom has taken up beading. I get lots of new sparklies! New clear iridescent, silver leaves, blue hearts, and malachite bracelets. (Sunday, Sept 5, 9:45 PM)
* Back on the road, headed for home. More traffic on I-16 than I've ever seen except hurricane evac. Hope we get home today! (Monday, Sept 6, 2:45 PM)

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