Saturday, September 11, 2010

Restaurant Killer

DH and I seem to have this very amazing ability to kill local restaurants. Restaurants that have been around for years, even decades, often shut down or change drastically shortly after we become regulars. This mostly happens with non-chain or local chain restaurants, not usually major national chain restaurants, though we have managed to shut down a McDonalds and a Taco Bell, too.

The latest casualties of our "gift" are the pizza grill and the best of the local Chinese places. Yes, we've only lived here 10 months, and we've affected two places already! The pizza grill had the *best* tomato bisque. I craved it regularly. We ate there so much, in fact, after discovering it, that DH said he was tired of it and we didn't go for 3-4 weeks. When we went back on September 2, they were closed. This was apparently a very recent and abrupt thing because, as we sat in the parking lot trying to figure out what to do, we saw two other families walk up to the door and be equally surprised that they were closed.

Then just today, we called in our regular order to our regular Chinese place. There was a new person answering the phone, but that isn't necessarily unusual. However, when DH went to pick it up, the owner was on the phone explaining to another regular customer that he had sold the business and was just staying on to show the new guy the ropes. The prices had gone up about 20%, but we hoped that was to allow them to maintain their high quality. Wrong. Quality and flavor were terrible. We probably won't be back. This is at least the third Chinese place we've managed to kill! It's so depressing. So, note to local restaurant owners, when you see us starting to frequent your restaurant, you may want to ban us.

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