Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Randomness

Sorry I've been so quiet. Just not much to say for the past couple of weeks. Here is a list of random things from the first half of April.

* We didn't have soccer the first 2 weekends in April due to spring break. The first game after the break was supposed to be this past Saturday, but it was rained out. Not sure if/when it will be made up.

* With Saturday suddenly free, I did some spring clothes shopping with my mom, which was nice. Got some new capris and shorts, since 3 pair from last year managed to wander off over the winter. Just need to purchase and start breaking in some new sneakers, and I'm all set for Boston!

* I'm finally back to meal planning again. I was doing well in January, not so well in February, and virtually not at all in March. I'm back on track with a second consecutive week and doing quite well.

* Tried two new recipes. Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Pie was pretty good but needs some tweaking. Used my stand mixer to make whipped cream in about 2 minutes. Wow! Chicken and Rice Chowder was also pretty good (it's by the same lady who posted the World's Best Spaghetti Sauce recipe). It was definitely what I had in mind, but the flavor was different from what I would like it to be (not bad, just different). The problem is that I don't cook enough to know how to tweak it.

* I've run across a couple of things that have made me smile lately, so I thought I would share. (If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already seen me link to them.) First is an older Savage Chickens cartoon. I was behind on reading them, but this one really made me laugh. Chaos Theory. That is *so* what Luke will be like in a few years! Second is a recent Walmart commercial. The site won't let me embed it, so go here and look for "Stuck."

* I've needed those smiles to counteract things like Luke dropping his toothbrush down the sink. He picked up the stopper to "let the water out faster," and the toothbrush fell in. It is way deeper than we can see. Will probably have to call a plumber and have the pipe underneath taken apart. Joy.

* Luke is really struggling with irregular past tense verbs lately. I know he's always done it, and it is perfectly understandable where the confusion is coming from. I think he's just telling a lot more stories in the past tense lately, so I'm noticing it more. [Note: they aren't studying these in school, the incorrect usage has just come up in conversation with him a lot recently.] Stupid English! LOL Examples:
- go/went, Luke says "goed"
- bring/brought, Luke says "bringed"
- break/broke, Luke says either "breaked" or "broked" (interesting)

* And finally, as of today, there are only 25 days of of Kindergarten left for Luke. So hard to believe I'll have a 1st grader in 5 weeks!

Currently feeling: trying to enjoy the quiet, because I know it won't last


  1. Wow. He's first year of school sure went fast. And learning irregular past tense in kindergarten? Wow. I'm so glad I have the little man at home for another year before he starts jk.

  2. Language mistakes like this are interesting, because surely it shows he is (maybe subconsciously) working them out for himself, using words he does know as a guide for what he doesn't.

    I love the chaos theory - that was my craft room until this past week. Someone had referred to 'the eruption of the volcano of creativity'


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