Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crazy Clean Hair

Someone else washed my hair today, probably for the first time since my wedding day almost 13 years ago. (It's possible my mom washed it for me, or at least helped, around the time I had Luke, but I don't remember for sure.) Since I can't raise my left arm high enough to do it myself right now, and DH was terrified of doing it wrong, I went to a salon. It felt really good! It crossed my mind at the time that I might have to let someone wash it for me more often. Then I had to pay. Ouch. Certainly not the cheapest way to go, but this salon was close and easy and convenient, and I did really like the lady who did it. She seemed very impressed with my curly hair. "Those curls have to be natural!" Yes, yes they are.

Hopefully I'll be able to wash my hair myself by the end of the weekend. (Sleeping in my bed, instead of the recliner, would be *really* nice, but I think I'm still a ways off from that.) The salon may well have been worth it, though. I just got a wash and blow dry, but I let her go *wild* with the styling. She dried it with a diffuser and parted it on left instead of in the middle. See, completely wild and crazy!! (Yes, I really am that sad and boring.) She actually showed me a neat trick and said that the left side is where my natural part falls. Funny, since I was experimenting with alternate part locations a few weeks ago, but I wasn't happy with any of the options I tried. I think I was going too far out, away from center. We'll see how this one works. I promise a picture if I decide I like it.

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