Monday, May 23, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep... or not

If I felt more creative, I'd whip up a sonnet to my mattress, but lack of quality sleep is hampering my mental faculties. Hopefully, I will be caught up soon, since I am finally back to sleeping in the bed! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful the recliner sleeps as well as it does, but it was starting to get old.

After getting my stitches out Thursday, I didn't even try the bed. It was just too sore. I felt pretty good Friday night, so I gave it a shot. Fail! It didn't work at all; I lasted all of 5 minutes. The pillow hit right on the incision (is it still called an incision when what you had was an excision?) when laying on my back, and it didn't support my neck enough if moved it up high enough that the bottom edge wasn't touching my shoulder. Laying on my right side didn't work, because when my left side rolled forward to try and lay my left arm on the mattress or pillow, it pulled too much on the wound. I can't lay in the bed with my body fully on its side (without rolling forward so I'm more on my stomach); I need something supporting my back to do that. I can manage that type of support on the sofa, but my hip will start killing me after a while. And laying on my left side is out; too much pressure directly on the wound (yes, I even tried it rather than simply assuming). ::sigh:: So it was back to the recliner on Friday.

Again, I felt pretty good Saturday, but after Friday's experience, I didn't even bother. Sunday, it hardly bothered me at all, so I did a trial run at nap time. I was able to lay on both my right and left sides in my "usual positions" without any trouble. I wasn't sure if it would hurt after a whole night like that instead of a couple of hours, but all I could do was try. Finally, success! Ahh, I love my mattress.

Currently feeling: ready for some good sleep

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