Friday, May 13, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

Luke brought his yearbook home from school last week. Naturally, I immediately started looking for his class page to see his little smiling face. I flipped to the page and immediately cast my eyes to the last row of photos, just as I have always done. But his photo wasn't there! Um, where is he? Oh, there he is, on the second row. You know, with the rest of the kids with last names that start with G. Duh! Out of sheer habit, I looked for him in the W section, where my maiden name would be located. Married nearly 13 years, and still not quite used to being so high in the alphabet! The really funny things is that my mom did *exactly* the same thing. He may be a G by birth, but he's definitely a W through and through.

Currently feeling: rather silly

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