Sunday, May 15, 2011

GA Ren Fest 2011

We froze our rears off at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year. It was in the 50s when we arrived, and I'm not sure it ever made it to 60. It was also heavily cloudy and even lightly sprinkled now and then, though not enough to make much difference in the dust. I don't think I'd ever heard RenFest guests saying things like "glad I wore jeans" or "I should have brought my jacket." I feel bad for the scantily clad ladies wandering around! We stuck with our usual favorite venues and shows.

This was a new feature of the morning joust, knocking over this thing (can't remember what they called it). They kept adding weight to the bottom to make it harder. It was interesting to watch.

Then collecting rings with the lance. This is one of my personal favorites, especially when they toss them in the air.

And of course, the official joust.

As evil knight Sir Maxx is prone to do, he offended the queen and was sentenced to a refresher course in chivalry that we were all invited to witness. The class was taught by joust master Lord Mauldron (not sure that is his official position, but that is how I think of him). He couldn't do it alone, though, and asked for some help from the audience, where he found an eager young squire ready to assist.

Here's how it played out.

Squire Luke did later decide to pick on someone his own size. Luke was having fun just running around the empty hillside between the food court and the joust arena, and this boy decided to join him. I love watching children just make it up as they go. They had a blast for a good 15-20 minutes.

We caught part of Breaking Point and Todd Key, and Luke rode the Crow's Nest spinner, which he really likes. I *really* wanted to see Tartanic, but the timing never worked out. Then we headed back to catch the final Barely Balanced show of the day. We've seen them every year they've been there, but until now, Luke was always crashing too early to stay for their once a day fire show. We finally managed it this year, and though it is impressive, I think I like their regular show a bit better.

They know and understand you won't really remember their names (unless you've seen them several times, like we have), so after they introduce themselves, they jokingly refer to themselves as Small, Medium, and Large. I really miss Casey, the former Small. The new girl (Margaret, I think) is fine, but she's not Casey. But, having not seen the fire show before, I'm not sure if Casey can do this!

Luke really wanted to stay for the last joust, but he was clearly way too tired, despite arguing with us that he wasn't tired at all. Sweetie, we're you're parents, and we know you. "But I'm not tired!" Yeah, right. Less than 10 minutes in the car said otherwise.

Ah, the signs of a successful outing!

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