Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall 2011 Television

Despite the fact that we're only picking up one new show (maybe two; Person of Interest for sure, maybe Unforgettable), our schedule is quite full, particularly with The Sing-Off moving to a weekly format. That gives us two 2-hour shows plus a 1 hour dramedy on Mondays. Sorry, can't fit in anything else on Mondays. If you're a new show and would like us to watch you, you need to move to a different night. Thanks! (Example: we *were* going to give Terra Nova a try, but it's a Monday show.) Here is the current schedule:

Monday: DWTS, The Sing-Off, Castle
Tuesday: NCIS, NCIS:LA (and DWTS results)
Wednesday: Criminal Minds, CSI (Mythbusters by end of month),
Thursday: Person of Interest (only new show for 2011; different), The Mentalist
Friday: CSI:NY, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Most 10 PM shows will roll to the next day, as will The Sing-Off (absolutely no way to get in it and DWTS on Mondays). We're also still missing two shows: Chuck (final season, sniff sniff), which I hear it will start back in October (no idea what night, but it was previously on, you guessed it, Mondays!), and Rules of Engagement, which I believe has moved Saturdays, but I have absolutely no clue when it will be back.

Any new shows you're excited about?

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