Friday, September 02, 2011

First Days of New Job

Well, my first two days at my new job have gone fairly well. I am working from home again, which I absolutely love. Naturally, I had great difficulties getting connected to my home network; turns out they never loaded the driver for the wireless card! Once we got that figured out, I discovered that my learning center login wasn't working, which makes it rather difficult to get in all that mandatory HR training like information security and code of conduct. After 40 minutes worth of Windows updates and 3 emails to the help desk, I was able to complete the training, though one class took 30% longer than estimate, which is incredibly unusual, since I typically come in 10-20% under the estimate, or at worst, right on it. Maybe I'm slipping? LOL So, overall, it went well. I'll be heading to Virginia on Tuesday after Labor Day for my real job training. Wish me luck!

Currently feeling: like a working girl again!

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