Monday, September 19, 2011

First Pinterest Experiments

So, for everyone who has thought "yeah, but will you ever really use any of those things you've pinned?", the answer is yes! In fact, I tried two this week. And I do have more invites now if anyone is interested/needs one. :-)

The first was this hair style (pin here). Cute, but I definitely need more practice.

The second was this recipe for what is "supposed to be the best cupcake/cake batter recipe ever." (Pin here.) They were supposed to be white (i.e. no egg yolks), but I was trying to separate the eggs directly into the bowl (stupid on my part), and I accidentally dropped one yolk in. I don't think it overly affected things, though.

These were pretty good. We certainly ate them all (and it makes a bunch; took us nearly a week). It's a doctored cake mix recipe, which I don't mind, though I think both my standard "cake mix additives" and my scratch butter cake recipes are better. I thought these were much better the second day. I don't care for the tang of the sour cream. It became less pronounced over the first 2-3 days, then started to reassert itself near the end. (I realize most folks don't have cake hanging around for a week! I wanted to test it before Luke's birthday party, so it was just us.) Not bad, but I have two recipes I prefer, so I probably won't make these again.

I tried a new icing recipe, too, though not from Pinterest. It was terrible! The texture was not good at all, which is a recipe problem, plus I misread how much salt to add, so the flavor was bad, too, which was totally my fault. Thankfully I only frosted 3 cupcakes with it for immediate eating, then I pitched the rest and made "the good stuff."

More pin reviews to come in the future, I'm sure!

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