Friday, September 23, 2011

Shutter Happy

Good grief! I was flipping through photos while preparing for Luke's birthday party. I usually do a photo montage that runs on the television (gotta love TVs with built in card slots), but with so many photos this year, I decided to go with prints instead, and I'll put them up on the wall for guests to peruse at their leisure. How many photos? Well, I literally at least glanced at every single photo taken this year by both myself and my parents (I don't have all of theirs, just the ones that pertain to joint family events), which means that in the last week, I have looked at 13,500+ photos. My eyeballs are tired!

I also did a little experiment. I had a coupon for 101 free photos from one company, but I would have to pay shipping. I had a coupon for free shipping from another company, and I paid 9 cents per print. I ordered nearly the same number of prints from each company (101 from one, 106 from the other), and the final cost was about the same! So it costs just as much to print the photos as it does to ship them. Interesting.

Currently feeling: shutter happy

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