Friday, January 06, 2012

Luke's Audiology Follow Up

You may remember that Luke failed his hearing screening at the pediatrician's office back in November. It took me a while to get the audiology follow up scheduled, and then they were booked out past the Christmas holidays. His appointment was today, at the same facility where he had speech therapy 4 years ago. It was rather strange being back there after all this time.

They ran though three different tests, including two that were run at the pediatrician's office. All three came back completely normal! He was quite congested in November when the test was administered, and it is more of a "quick and dirty" test there than an audiologist would perform. Her suspicion is that he tends to have fluid build up in his hears when he is congested, and that can temporarily affect hearing. However, the fact that his hearing is now reading normal without him ever getting an ear infection means that his body is handling the fluid just as it should. It's not (always) staying there and getting infected, and it isn't causing any sort of permanent hearing trouble. He's just fine. So, a bit of a hassle to do, but nice to know nothing is wrong.

It also means that when I'm having to call his name two and three times while he's watching television or playing video games, he *can* hear me just fine, he's just choosing not to. Busted!

Currently feeling: can you hear me now?

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