Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fall 2013 Television Shake-Up

The major TV networks did their "up fronts" in the last week or so. That's when they pitch their new fall line-ups and shows to advertisers. It's also when, unfortunately, we find out that some shows didn't make it.

Of the shows that we watch, both CSI:NY and Rules of Engagement were cancelled. Neither one is a surprise, really, but it is a disappointment. I think CSI:NY was due, though I will miss seeing Mac and Flack each week. I wish they had gotten one more season out of Rules of Engagement, though. I would have loved to see Jeff with the baby!

Though not a true cancellation, there was one revelation that was quite a surprise to me: there will be no more results show for Dancing With the Stars. Not sure how that will work, and not sure how I feel about that. Despite watching the show for years now, I've never actually voted, so it won't really affect me personally. I know other competition shows have that kind of set up, including the British version of DWTS I believe, so it's not unprecedented. I'm just curious how the whole thing will play out. And why did they get rid of the results show? First and foremost, because it was much lower rated than the "day of competition" show, and you know networks are all about ratings. Secondly, because they were making room for a new show on Tuesdays:

Yep! The biggest news from the upfronts is the new show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Based on the organization from the Marvel comics that played small parts in various films and a larger part in Joss Whedon's The Avengers, they gave Joss a shot at a new TV show. It's even on ABC this time, not Fox, so I have high hopes for it. Or I did, until its time slot was announced. Please tell me why they are pitting it against THE #1 show on all of television? That's right, folks. ABC has decided to schedule SHIELD on Tuesdays at 8PM, directly opposite the juggernaut that is NCIS. Do all TV networks just hate Joss Whedon? I mean, I know Buffy and Angel did well, but seriously, what are these people thinking?! They're trying to say there isn't much crossover audience. Maybe they're right. I sure hope they are, because I really want *both* shows to continue for quite some time.
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