Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

We made the "south Georgia tour" again this year for Memorial Day weekend. We headed out Thursday after work, arriving late where DH's dad lives. There isn't much room at their house these days, especially now that his grandmother lives with them, so we stay at a local hotel. I usually keep clothes pins in my travel bag to keep the curtains closed (I hate extra light when I'm trying to sleep), but they had somehow been misplaced, and these particular curtains were gapping by about two inches (5 cm). What could I find in a standard hotel room to keep them together? A-ha! One of my more brilliant ideas, if I do say so myself.

Friday, we visited with DH's grandmother and dad and his family. I love that the girls still seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out with Luke, even though they are 11 and 15. Having a common love of video games helps, I'm sure.

We had to take two pictures to get everyone in them. So love these people! We really need to try to get there more often. (I know, I say that every time.) And don't be deceived by that bottom picture. C, the girl on the far right, is squatting down some so that we can see everyone. She is almost as tall as her sister, and she's definitely taller than Luke (for now).

We left before dinner to continue our tour down to see DH's mom. It was dark, so we didn't think to take any pictures (not sure why that matters, but it seems to!). She will be getting married the first weekend in August, so there will definitely be pictures then.

After that, it was on to my parents, where we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I went shopping with my mom. Picked up some new work clothes (I'm short on short sleeved shirts in my new size) and a few bottles of nail polish. DH and I managed to catch the new Star Trek movie.

And of course, we hit the beach, this time in the evening. We flew a kite for a bit, but Luke preferred to be in the water (no big surprise). We did lose his Nemo bucket that we've had since his first beach trip, though. The rip currents were really strong. Luke got knocked down by a wave and let go. DH had to choose between the bucket and the child. I hope someone enjoys it when they find it!

We didn't even arrive until nearly 7 PM. The weather was unusually cool this weekend, with the high during the day of only 82F/28C. With the setting sun and dropping temps combining with the breeze off the water, it got downright chilly! I don't think I'd ever been grateful for wearing capris and long sleeves to the beach before. Luke was impervious to the cold until we had to leave, then of course he was freezing. So glad his super-smart mom thought to bring a long sleeve shirt for him to wear as we left! :-)

Must definitely do better about taking pictures with my parents when we visit (or when they visit). We see them often enough that it usually doesn't seem like a "special" enough occasion to take pictures, but every visit with people you love is special! The return trip home on Monday was extremely uneventful. As in, we spent most of the trip wondering where all the traffic was! Great trip, as always. Going back to work tomorrow will not be easy.
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