Friday, February 20, 2015

Eggs: A Conversation With Luke

Luke was very cautiously eying the eggs I had sitting out on the counter overnight....

L: Are those bird eggs?
Me: Yes, they're chicken eggs.
L (slightly agog): Are they going to turn into chickens if you leave them there?!
Me: No.
L: Why not? [Side Note: I'm pretty sure he wanted to ask "are you sure," but chose this instead.]
Me: Ummmm.... because they aren't fertilized.
L: Oh. (pause) How do they get fertilized?
Me: Ummm..... roosters fertilize them.
L: Roosters?
Me: Yes, roosters are boy chickens, hens are girl chickens. Only hens lay eggs. (silently prays this will be the end of the conversation)
L: How do the roosters fertilize the eggs?
Me: I honestly don't know.
L: Do they sit on the eggs or something?
Me: I'm not sure. We can look it up later. We have to go now!

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