Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Am I that boring?

That was a rhetorical question; please don't answer! I'm not sure my ego could take it.

I guess this qualifies as jealousy? I have at least tree friends (of acreage, wondering, and lunacy; there are others, but they do it the most frequently) who often post their "search hits" in their blogs and then try to deduce how or why the hit was generated, and if possible, give an answer/response to the searched-for item. (See the acreage for a recent example.)

Now, I will readily admit that I don't check my site stats incredibly frequently. Maybe once every week to 10 days, if I happen to think of it, and even then, I don't always scroll down to the search references. It holds the top 25 hits and the most recent 20. I rarely if ever have that many in the queue, and I don't know how long they sit there. The most I ever had (and I imagine I'm about to get them again by saying this) was from my post about the Lime Coke song, and then it was just a zillion different variations on that one search. I also got quite a few when I guess someone named Erin was on The Apprentice (which is interesting, considering I don't watch that show at all). Right now, I have four, listed in both the top 25 and the most recent 20. And they're all boring. See: derma bond (from over a year ago when DH busted open his forehead), j.jk rowling (from my "Currently Reading" in the side bar, but they really need to work on their typing), beans with hamhocks (don't really recall discussing this, but I suppose it's possible; ah! a search of my own blog shows it as my favorite veggie per The ABC's of Erin post from a year ago), and erin's_son (fairly obvious, as I do on rare occasions talk about him ).

Why is it that everyone else gets so many more than I do? What am I doing wrong? I've often wondered how search engines rank the results. It isn't always by relevance, that's for sure! Is it by site hits or something? I know it's not ultimately important, and I know I don't really talk about anything overly interesting (which is why I'm amazed I have as many readers as I do), it's just makes me feel a little left out. My site either isn't important enough to even register a hit, or it isn't interesting enough to cause someone to click on it, even if it does pop up. Oh well. As long as *you* like reading it (whoever you are), then it's okay.

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