Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The impact of other decisions

It never ceases to amaze me how the little things we do every day, and the sometimes not so little decisions we make can have a major impact on future events. As I was relaying Friday's events to my brother over the weekend, he was, needless to say, very grateful that we were both safe. But after describing the motion of the car, he got very quiet. Then, in the most serious voice I have ever heard him use, he spoke some very chilling words: "Erin, if you'd been in an SUV, you would have rolled."

Looking back on it, he is absolutely right. In an SUV, or a Jeep, or something similar, perhaps even a van, we would have flipped a few times and ended up among the trees. In fact, in retrospect, it is moderately amazing I didn't roll my car. (Have I mentioned lately that I love my Camry?) I wouldn't say that I was completely out of control, but I was by no means *in* control either. When we bought that car, everyone thought we were crazy. "Is that the car you intend to use with your family?" Yes, it is. "Then you should have bought an SUV or something. You'll be sorry later." And yes, there were times, like when Babies 'R Us discontinued home delivery the week before we bought our crib, that "only" having a car was rather inconvenient. (Incidentally, they have now reinstated home delivery. Figures.) But you know what? If we'd gone with everyone's advice, I might not *have* a family anymore.

There were a multitude of reasons we didn't go with one, not the least of which is that we didn't have the money for the payments or the gas at the time. Neither of us like them very much, either, though we were considering going with a very small one (like a Rav4) the next time we purchased a vehicle. (Guess what? I just nixed that plan!) But I also felt they were unsafe, knowing at least two people who have rolled theirs (both, thankfully, survived, though one ended up with surgery to repair a broken neck). Nice to know that I am right every once in a while.

And while I'm thinking about it, and pardon me for shouting: WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!!! All the time, everywhere, no matter how long your trip is. I don't care what you're wearing, I don't care that it will get wrinkled (a friend's mom was killed in a car accident because she didn't want to wrinkle her linen suit with the seatbelt), I don't care that it's "just down the street," I don't care that they cut into your neck or make it harder for you to reach your CDs. I DO care if you live through an accident. Buckle up before you even crank the car (admittedly, I don't, but I do crank and then immediately buckle up before I take it out of park). Make sure everyone in your car is also wearing one, or is properly restrained in an appropriate restraint system (i.e. car seat/booster). After all, I want to make sure you're still around to read my blog.

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