Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Random thoughts - June 2005

Not really sure I have enough for a single post today, so I'll just throw out the various things that occur to me during the day, mostly directed at my child.
* Eight-month-old free to good home. In perfect health, based on yesterday's professional inspection. 21 poinds, 29 1/4 inches long. A real cutie!
* Oh, put on your big girl panties and deal with it already! (myself included)
* Let me get this straight. If you fall down by yourself, you just get back up and keep going. But if you look around and you know that someone else has seen you fall down, you cry? What's up with that? Quite the little drama queen, er, king.
* I'm having an incredibly hard time not telling some people on the BBs today *exactly* what I think about their problem/issue of the moment, but seeing as I couldn't really handle reciprocation of such an impulse in my present state (and I'm sure a few folks have had to resist the impulse to tell me to stop whining about Luke), I've done a remarkably good job of keeping my mouth, or my fingers, zipped.
* Don't complain that I never communicate with you, then not respond when I do.
* You picked today, of all days, to run late?! Did you not get my emails?
* What is it with you and your cord fettish? Apparently, we are expected to live without telephone and electricity (and thus television and computers) until you turn, what, 8?
* TAKE A NAP!!! Preferably without screaming, please.
* You have water upstairs. You don't need mine, you don't need Luke's, you don't need the toilet, you don't need the faucet, you don't need the sweat off my glass. But I'd even let you have all of that, except Luke's, if you could drink it without soaking yourself or dumping the glass over! GGRRRR
* So help me, if you comment on the wet spot on my butt that YOUR son gave me (immitating his "older brother" (of the feline variety) no doubt), I will throttle you.
* I hear the garage. Daddy's home!!!! Thank God. I will now go attempt to steam myself to death in the shower.

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