Monday, June 27, 2005

You talkin' to me?

Ever feel that, when you read someone else's blog, they're really talking to or about you? And I don't mean as in cases where they type things like "she" or "someone," without mentioning names (in which case, it is at least possible they are talking about you). Lately, when reading other people's entries, usually when they are speaking of themselves, I feel like they're being critical of me (which is silly). Like when I read "Today, I (blank)," I instead hear, "Erin, how come *you're* not (blank)ing?" Or I read "So far, I've managed not to (blank)," which comes across as "Erin, you're pathetic; you've already (blank)ed several times." Guess I'm just feeling guilty or slack about those things or something. It just seems to have been happening rather frequently lately.

Currently feeling: (irrationally) targeted

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