Friday, September 15, 2006

Cue Van Halen

Okay, I know Kerry and I agreed that we would try to blog at least one memory a week about our sons. I don't know how she's been doing on that agreement, but I haven't done it since we talked about it! I'll try to get to it, I promise. And to that end, here is this week's memory:

Luke has learned to jump! It's not very high, of course, but both feet are definitely leaving the ground under the power of nothing but his own little legs. It adds and especially humorous touch to his tantrums, and it is so hard not to laugh sometimes. He is just so upset, but when he starts jumping, both DH and I sometimes have to turn away not to snicker in his face. He's been watching other kids do it for several months now, and he's been practicing in his crib most mornings for a month now, holding the rail and using both arms and legs to get his feet off the mattress, but he finally put it all together on his own this week. Go Luke!
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