Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Miserable or drugged

Those seem to be my only two options. I am officially in the midst of Luke's cold, and man, do I feel horrible. If *my* mom had tried to drop me off at daycare feeling like this, I'd have cried, too. I can either sit here and feel awful, or I can take the decongestants that I shouldn't take (it raises my blood pressure too much) and then try to work feeling all muddle-headed. Fun choice. At least Luke seemed to be mostly over it after 4 days, so I am hopeful of the same for me. Just sniffles left for him, which may be allergies, which I think is a contributing factor for me as well, but insurance won't cover Allegra (which works fabulously for me) now that Claritin (which has NO effect on me at all) is OTC. I could take Benedryl, but then I'd be unconscious. Not good when you have to work and drive. Might have to break down and take a Children's Benedryl, though, if the sneezing and itchy eyes doesn't stop soon. That will just make me sleepy instead of out cold.

Maybe I can at least be well/significantly better by the weekend? I really need to be. Luke's birthday party is in less than two weeks! (Sesame Street, for those curious.) And we are expecting 11 people besides ourselves, two of whom visit rarely, and one of whom I have never met. Much much much cleaning to be done. I really need to move Luke's birthday farther away from fall show premieres; it would simplify my life dramatically! LOL

Luke is doing better at daycare, but still not great. Well, let me rephrase. He does just fine once he's there and he can't see me. It's just the dropping him off part. Thursday, Friday, and Monday, he started crying as soon as we drove up, and I had to carry him in. Today, he fussed a bit but didn't cry when we drove up, and he didn't object to getting out of the car (though he didn't jump out like usual either), and insisted on being carried (extremely odd coming from Mister "I Want to Walk Everywhere"). But he didn't cry until after I closed the half-door behind him in the room, and he stopped as soon as he couldn't see me. Maybe it's getting better. I know it is a big adjustment, and I know being sick didn't help, and I know he'll get used to it. I still feel bad that it distresses him so much.

Anyway, that is the update with me. Last week was a bit of a nightmare. Nothing major went wrong, just a zillion little things that drove me bonkers. The weekend wasn't a whole lot better from a "no time" perspective, between a migraine Thursday night, company in town Friday (we stayed up *way* late talking), and a GTG on Saturday (followed by a the full blown cold which put me to bed at 8 PM), so I am *way* behind on email, which is very unusual for me. My apologies to those who I know have sent me things. I hope to get back to all of you by the end of the week!

Okay, I just realized I am babbling. Darn Sudafed (non-drying max strength liqui-gels. I'd hate to see the drying kind; I feel like I swallowed a desert). I'll stop now.

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  1. Claritin doesn't work for me either. You know what does (and it doesn't make me sleepy)... Drixoral Cold & Allergy. I take it for allergies and it works really well.

  2. hmmm..Blogrolling isn't showing your blog as updated in my blogroll. Others are showing up...

    I'm sorry you have these 2 choices - miserable or drugged. None of them sound appealing :( I know most cold medications make me very loopy so I avoid them. Thankfully, I don't catch cold too often.
    Erin, I forgot to tell you in the last email, you might already know, but www.scrapartist.com is going to offer the freebies for Apprentice challenge until Nov. 1st. These are *great* kits, most of these I would have paid to get. I wouldn't want you to miss out on them!


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