Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not so good today

Well, we have officially come down with our first daycare-induced illness, which appears to be a cold. I heard him wake up multiple times last night, sometimes coughing and always sneezing and sniffling. He woke up by himself crying at 6:30 this morning, which is unusual (both waking up at that time and the crying itself). He's usually pretty happy in the mornings, but not today; he is clearly exhausted. He ate pretty good, which made me feel better, and seemed perfectly happy to get dressed and get in the car. Then he almost fell asleep on the way there, which is also not normal.

But once we drove up to the daycare center and I turned the car off, he started crying. He really cranked it up when I undid the carseat straps. Normally, he is struggling to get out of the carseat as soon I start working with the straps. Today, he just sat there even after all the straps were off/unbuckled, and he actively resisted me getting him out! And when I put his feet on the ground so I could close the car door, he tried to climb back *in* the car. I picked him up, and he stopped crying, and he didn't cry as we went inside with me still holding him. But the instant I put him down, he started wailing and backing away from the door to his room. I had to pick him up and physically hand him to the teacher. Obviously not the first or last time that has happened to this teacher, but I still felt really bad for both of them.

I truly hope that he had this reaction because he was sick and tired, and not because he has decided after three days that he's had enough of daycare.

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  1. I'm sorry he's sick, yes, daycare induced in all probability. Hopefully, it will go away soon. M is home sick today with his Dad taking care of him. I had to work.

    I think he was cranky due to the cold, and also probably because he recognized the routine :( {hugs} It will be fine in a few days.

  2. S has had that cold for the past week. She finally seems to be shaking it. Hope Luke isn't sick for that long!

  3. Hugs and kisses to you both!


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