Thursday, March 01, 2007


DH is sick. As in type sick. He's been in bed all day, which is not like him at all. (This is the man for whom sleeping late means 8 AM.) As of about 1 PM, I'm not feeling so hot myself.

He's supposed to be best man at his brother's wedding on Saturday!! And we're leaving at 7 AM tomorrow morning to make the 7 hour drive to North Carolina. Have I mentioned that I already don't handle mountains well? This is SOOOO not good. Please, if you have any thoughts or prayers or good luck or mojo or anything to spare, we could really use it.

Currently feeling: please no!


  1. UGH! We are just getting over that at my house too. Alex was the only one to escape the sickness. Hoping you guys fare better than we did!

  2. Oh, I hope you guys are ok! Feel better super duper extra quick speedy fast! :)

  3. You will not get sick! You will not get sick!!!!

  4. This is not the time! Don't get sick Don't get sick..

  5. Erin-
    Definitely will be praying! What a terrible time to get sick. Rest easy in the thought that you at least won't be traveling through the worst of NC's mountains (unless you seriously get lost!). Much love and prayers

  6. No getting sick now!! No!!
    Will pray for you. Good luck!!


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