Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baggy pants

Those baggy pants that show your underwear are making news quite a bit right now. Several cities are looking at making laws against them, and the ACLU is now involved. Joy. But that's not what I want to talk about.

I have my own theory about that particular style, the shorts in particular. I think it is the male version of capris. No self-respecting "man's man" would ever be caught dead in capris. But, if you buy huge long shorts and hang them below your butt, they strike you just about mid-calf. Voila! Capris for men! LOL

But really, in all seriousness, I read an article where a guy said he wears his pants like that because he doesn't like "tight jeans" and it makes it easier to get his money out of his pockets. First off, DH *hates* tight jeans, and his stay up and cover his (non)butt just fine, thank you very much, with or without a belt. Secondly, I can directly refute that it is easier to get money out of your pockets with that kind of pants on. I wish I had video of the guy we saw the other day literally bending over backwards trying to reach his wallet in his back pocket that was hanging at roughly his knees. It was too funny!

Yes, I'd rather you not show me your underwear. No, I don't really care about your ethnicity or your gender. I don't want to see that from plumbers (though would it apply, when they stereotypically don't wear underwear?) and women showing g-strings out the top of their ultra-low-slung jeans as well. If you can't bend over (much less stand up straight!) in your pants without showing your underwear, then you need either different pants or a shirt that can cover your rear and your undergarments when you do. JMHO But if you're going to try to explain why you wear them, just say because it is the style, or because you like them, or because you feel like you have to "to fit in." Don't make up dorky excuses like "it's easier."

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  1. I just can't believe the style is still around after all these you remember how we used to gripe about the pants being too loose back in HIGH SCHOOL? ("Dammit, we can't ogle J.S., J.A., and [I think it was?] C.H.'s butts on the walk to calculus anymore with them wearing these stupid baggy pants" I recall...heheheheh)



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