Friday, September 07, 2007

Glad I said "almost"

Remember yesterday, when I said that I had received *almost* the bestest news ever (about Josh Groban's new CD)? Sure am glad I put the almost in there, because yesterday evening, I did in fact receive the bestest news ever:

I'm going to be an aunt! Remember BIL who got married in March? He and his wife are expecting. She's due in April. We all knew it would be quick. Everyone has been expecting it pretty much since April. ;-) There was a bit of a pool going at the wedding for how long it would be for an announcement, and I pegged it almost exactly (I said six months, and it was six months and three days). It will only have been 18 months from proposal to child! But they are both over 30 (she 32 and he 34, IIRC), and I know his biological clock has been ticking for several years now. I had never seen baby lust on a man before until he met my son! LOL Congratulations to them!

Now, if I could just get the second bit of bestest news ever (that my best friend has finally given birth), my week would be complete!

Currently feeling: doing the aunt happy dance


  1. Congrats to your BIL - and glad you are feeling a bit better. :)


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